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MK IM Clinic

Hi, my name is Khoo Michael, the founder of MK IM Clinic. I am 55 this year and live in Singapore. I am married and have one daughter. I am a mechanical engineer specialised in product design. Due to my age and job security, I decide to learn about internet marketing. So, I started to explore internet marketing in 2011 to achieve my goal towards financial freedom. Making money online may be difficult but if you have the right knowledge and attitude, you should be able to succeed.

For one and the half year, I have tried many programs which promised me with “fast money” but none really work. Till Aug 2012, I found SFI and become as an Executive Affiliate. So far, SFI has not been those program that promise me “fast money” but instead helping me to work from the ground up. It is a network marketing program combined with internet marketing and ecommerce that only serious internet marketer will succeed. The other affiliate program that I have joined recently is Wealthy Affiliate which has a training program that will help you in starting your online business even you are a beginner. I have other programs and tools that I used for my online business and I will share with you in this site in the coming months.

MK IM Clinic is created for online users who are new to internet marketing  and online business. You can be a student, work-at-home mom, retiree, and unemployed. In the process of exploring this new venture, you might face with many problems which you need help, or you need someone to talk to, or you need a mentor. I might not be the expert but I can leverage from my network of like-minded friends in SFI, WA and social medias to find the answer for you. In addition, if you need me to answer your question privately, you can write to me HERE.

My goal is to help as many online users as possible to succeed in their online business. Hopefully, they can become a successful marketer one day and recommend others to my site. So, bookmark MK IM Clinic when you have an online problem. Thanks for visiting.

Founder of MK IM Clinic
Email me at khoom@mk-im-clinic.com