Easy password management

Every time I signed up a program, I recorded down my username and password for the program. I usually used the same username and password for easy log-in. Later, I realized that it is better to use different username and password to avoid hacking but with so many different usernames and passwords, how am I going to remember them. So, I create an excel sheet to record them. But, then whenever I need to log-in to certain program, I have to refer to this excel sheet to key in manually. How I wish that there can be an easy way. Continue reading

How to promote Clickbank products?

CBProAds logoAffiliate marketing is another way of making money online. You can register with Clickbank, Amazon, or eBay and pick up their hot product to promote. One product is not enough so you pick more to promote. And you have to spend time putting each product into your website to promote. Why spend so much time doing this? What if you can promote their products on one site and you are the owner of that site and you can design the site in your own way, do you want it? Continue reading

Responsive Email Design

GetResponseToday GetResponse is making a huge leap forward in email design. Forget creating separate email versions for desktop and mobile, forget coding or paying extra for mobile versions of your newsletters. From now on, every email you create in GetResponse will look good both on desktop and mobile, and all you have to do is put the pieces together in Email Creator, just as you’ve been doing all along. Continue reading