Understanding what Affiliate Marketing is

Earn More MoneyThere are many different ways to make money online but affiliate marketing consistently ranks as one of the most popular. Take a look at any internet marketing or online business forum and you’ll see countless numbers of people asking questions about affiliate marketing and how they can make money from it. So, here at Affiliate Marketing Clinic, we shall give you the answer on what affiliate marketing is. Continue reading

Understanding what Email Marketing is

email marketingDo you understand what email marketing is? If you do not, you do not have to worry just yet. This is because the concept of email marketing is relatively new to many internet starter. They have not started to take advantage of this wonderful marketing tool yet. In this Email Marketing Clinic, we shall explain simply what email marketing is, what is needed for you to start and what are the advantages. Continue reading

Welcome to MK IM Clinic

Hi, Welcome to my site. You probably thought you are in the wrong place when you look at the site title. Rest assure, you are at the correct place. I believe that you are looking for information on internet marketing, or online marketing. And this site is created for beginners in mind.

Let’s get started. What is Internet Marketing?

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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Earnings

Earn More MoneyIf you’ve been searching for money making opportunities online, you probably know about affiliate marketing. You might have heard both good and bad comments about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be complex but it is the simplest business model that anyone can follow. Now it’s time you learned the truth about affiliate marketing and potential earnings.



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14 new items debut at Pricebenders!

PricebendersSome people would go for penny auction to get the best deal but of course you need to know the tips and tricks in winning it. Pricebenders at TripleClicks has some brand new items which are scheduled to start bidding on Friday, 9th May. There are 14 of them. Go and see whether there is anything that you may like to have and start bidding.


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