How To Make Passive Income Online

passive incomeHow to make passive income online with my automated income system…”

You’ve probably seen those ads yourself – products that claim to bring thousands of daily visitors to your site and make you millions of dollars. Do you find yourself asking if that were true, why would they be selling it to you? That’s a common question and the answer is there’s a great deal of money to be made in selling this “automated income system.” In fact, there’s more money to be made this way than actually using the plan.

This is just another way to grow wealth online. Selling software and information are the two fastest ways to take your monthly income from zero to thousands in no time at all. Regardless of the product(s), the marketing formula remains the same: Traffic plus conversion equals sales.

There are tons of ways to bring traffic to your site, but there’s only one strategy that lets you use all of them at once. Let’s first look at conversion rates, which is the percentage of visitors to your page that take action such as making a purchase, joining a mailing list, or signing up for an affiliate product.

Now let’s look at traffic to your site. There are hundreds of methods to generate traffic to your site including:
* Banner ads
* Pay-Per-Click ads
* Ezine ads
* Article marketing
* Social marketing
* Video marketing
* Press releases
* Blogging
* Webinars

And that’s just a handful of the most common. Look for the methods that will benefit your business the most. It takes a great deal of time to initially learn how to generate traffic and then to make your traffic generation work.

Finally, let’s look at how to set up your automated income system.

  1. Buy the rights or create an information product on a topic that’s currently hot. This can change over time so always be on the lookout for the most current hot product to ensure your income isn’t interrupted.
  2. Build your conversion system, which might include a squeeze page, follow-ups, and a sales page.
  3. Get others to sell the product and then split the profits with them, or you will sell someone else’s product. If you have your own product that you’ve designed you’ll be the vendor looking for affiliates. If you are going to market another vendor’s product, which is the quickest and easiest method, then you’ll be the affiliate.

You can run your online business with the automated income system from home with only a small amount of intervention from you, so expect to put only a few hours a week into your business once it is up and running.

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