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elderly manMost people who are over 50, are either approaching retirement or already retired.  Many are faced with the challenge of how to supplement a reduced income or replace one that has stopped. Many dream of starting some sort of business but do not see it possible because of what is usually involved in setting up a business and keeping it going.  I am a perfect example.

When I lost my job in 2011, I was already 51. At that time, finding a job is real difficult and most job need you to do more for less income. So, I give up the search to go for an offline business – a small food business. We set it up and keep it going within the one and the half year contract. In the end, we quit due to the increase in rental cost that we find it difficult to make profit in the long run.

When I was operating the food business, I have been looking for an online business at the same time. It is my dream to have an online business and make passive income from it. There are many such online business programs in the internet and the one that I have found reliable and trustworthy is SFI. It could just be the answer to my dream.

Why online business?

Setting up an internet business eliminates or greatly reduces most of the risk, trouble and anxieties that come with operating a regular physical business. It is perfect for someone over 50 like me who wants to make some extra money.

Here is a list of some of the positive things about starting and operating an online SFI business.

  • The financial risk involved is minimal to zero since spending money is always optional.
  • No overheads like rent, utilities, staff salaries and benefits to deal with.
  • No HR (Human Resource) issues to handle
  • The best support system you’ll find anywhere on the internet. You are never alone – there is your Upline, Forum, Ask SC, and even SFI President Gery Carson always ready and willing to help.   So you don’t have to be afraid of working on the internet even if you are inexperienced.
  • No commuting necessary, so you will be able to do more personal things with what you earn. You won’t need to spend  money on transportation to work, clothing, or meals.
  • More time available to enjoy with any grandchildren or old friends you may have.
  • And, just in case they want to walk away at any time, it is easy and inexpensive – no complicated ends to tie up.

SFII have been working my SFI business since 2012. I have worked my way up from Executive Affiliate to Bronze Team Leader till today. And I am already making some recurring passive income every month. I am a live proof to tell you that SFI works. So, if you are someone like me (over 50), why not give SFI a try to make some extra money.

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