How To Make Passive Income Online

passive incomeHow to make passive income online with my automated income system…”

You’ve probably seen those ads yourself – products that claim to bring thousands of daily visitors to your site and make you millions of dollars. Do you find yourself asking if that were true, why would they be selling it to you? That’s a common question and the answer is there’s a great deal of money to be made in selling this “automated income system.” In fact, there’s more money to be made this way than actually using the plan. Continue reading

Setting up a business

elderly manMost people who are over 50, are either approaching retirement or already retired.  Many are faced with the challenge of how to supplement a reduced income or replace one that has stopped. Many dream of starting some sort of business but do not see it possible because of what is usually involved in setting up a business and keeping it going.  I am a perfect example.

When I lost my job in 2011, I was already 51. At that time, finding a job is real difficult and most job need you to do more for less income. So, I give up the search to go for an offline business – a small food business. We set it up and keep it going within the one and the half year contract. In the end, we quit due to the increase in rental cost that we find it difficult to make profit in the long run. Continue reading

Protect Our Site with Wordfence

cyber-attackLast month, there is a huge cyber-attack on one of my business program, SFI. Fortunately, SFI has taken quick, appropriate action to notify all of us and implement reauthorization process on our SFI account so that we can get into the Affiliate Centre to do our business as soon as possible. There are billion of users in the internet and you do not know when this can happen to our site. We must not take for granted that nobody will come and steal any information from our personal site since it is not a high traffic site. It is always our responsibility to take precaution and protect our site. Continue reading