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Everyone likes blogging because they know it can bring free traffic to their site or their affiliate offers. There are many ways of creating a blog but this one is different. It is called Instant Blog Subscribers.

Get Hundreds of INSTANT Subscribers
It is easy to setup. The moment I sign up, create my profile, select a website template, my blog site is ready for me to put in the content and start mailing. Build my niche and branding, add videos, and build my list with auto-responders can be done right here. It is so simple to manage and update.

Speaking of traffic, my blog is automatically sent out via email to hundreds of targeted prospects every week. That means I will be getting a lot of traffic. If that is not enough, I can use RSS and my social media accounts to generate even more. If you are upgraded, you will get a minimum of 30,000 prospects a month plus a lot more from other traffic sites.

As a marketer, we are looking for ways to make money for our own online business. With the above blogging site and email marketing, Instant Blog Subscribers already provides one opportunity in making money online. And there are several other ways inside to help you.

I have registered as a free member and wrote several blogs. As a free member, I have only 200 mailings. So I accumulate more subscriber credits by reading other’s blog, then I can get more traffic by sending more mails with the additional credits. My purpose of using this free IBS is to practice my blogging skill, build my brand image and get the free traffic to my website at the same time.

Here is one of my recent blog at IBS where I promote Wealthy Affiliate.


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Free blogging to get free traffic — 14 Comments

  1. Hello Khoom.. You do have a very valuable information for on-line marketing people in your web site. I found your web site through WA. I will keep coming back to you for more information. Thank you. Tanya

    • Thanks, Tanya. I will keep posting quality contents for my readers, to help them in their online journey.
      Your website on allergy issue is very good and informative. If I found anyone who has this problem, I will direct him/her to your website.

    • Sometimes we have joined too many programs and we have forgotten about them. Thanks, Laman, for spending the time on my website.

  2. Nice simple and informative styled site MIchael think I will have to have a look at this IBS product sounds good struggling with traffic at the moment.

    • Thanks for reading my blog, David. Yes, it is not easy to get traffic so need to try on different source to get them. I will PM the link to you.

    • Thanks for your endorsement and comments, Alex. I have also visited your site and leave my comment on the grilled chicken blog.

  3. Hi Khoom,

    I thought I would stop by via WA to visit your blog. You are doing nice work here.

    I am a member in Instant Blog Subscribers too. I joined when they first started, and I think it is a good way to get started with blogging, especially for people who do not yet have their own blog.

    And of course we are like-minded about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I enjoyed browsing your site. All the best to you!

    ~Jude Banks


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